Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Back from a short trip to Las Vegas. Not that one needs any more than 3 days enjoying the spoils of a city so appropriately nicknamed. The trip itself was to meet with my mom and aunt to send them to the David Foster tribute concert. The joy they had at the concert was enough to make the trip a true success. I miss my family terribly and short visits always pull at my heart when saying goodbye. Every memory, those good and those bad flood my overly nostalgic mind as if my heart is pleading with my head to remember, to grab those memories, to remember the smell of my mom, as awkward as that may be, because it is truly the scent of home. When we part my mind then races for hours on all the memories stored. I think of the house I grew up in, the arguments between my parents and how they always made up, of my grandparents and sisters and friends. I think of home. I have lived away from home for over 10 years now. There have been the occasional extended trips back when my life has dealt me a hand of confusion, but for the most part I have not lived under the same roof or in the same city as my family for over a decade. I miss it. I miss Sunday dinners, laughing at movies, making fun of my little sister until she totally loses it (I know I am mean, but if you saw her all worked up over the fact that I can sit really close to her without touching her and watching her fight laughter while trying to act pissed off, well it is just down right funny), my sister tattling on me to my mother even at the age of 28, my older sister and her beautifully perfect family, my Dad and all the love he shows even with the shortest temper on the planet, my lovely 92 year old Memaw who still must color her hair and put on lipstick, and my beautiful niece and nephews and everything that makes them smile. I love my husband, I love my home and I love the city in which I live. But I will always miss my family, my first home and I thank God for the large novel my mind has written and that piece of my heart that always begs me to remember. ~S

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