Friday, February 12, 2010

Lined with Silver

I guess I found it...the glimmer of beauty after being stuck inside with a sick babe, who has resorted to some sort of growling, I don't know, it is a tad alarming, I digress...silver lining, glimmer, something good...whatever you call it, this sunset did it for me.

happy weekend ~S

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snowed in...

Today, as was yesterday and come to think of it everyday for the past 6 days has been a day of digging out. Sick of the snow and the constant news reports and daily updates of how much and whose dealing with it how and going a little stir crazy. I have knocked all the icicles from my gutters as my dad has instructed, so they don't "rip those babies right off", and I did walk down to get the mail, a big shout out to the USPS! Bit I would love to go somewhere, like Bermuda, a grassy hill in the park, anywhere but inside natures walls of white. But alas, I sit indoors, on my arse in front of the computer while my Avery Grace naps. The sun is shining the ice is dripping and I am out of words to type...