Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I have many, I do not see them everyday, I do not talk to them weekly, and for that I feel a finger tapping out a shame. shame. shame.  But I know them.  I know that time changes our appearance and that distance makes weekly dinner and drinks not just difficult but downright impossible.  I know that when I find that they are sad, when life hands them a fistful of icantbelievethisishappeningtome, I want to be at their front door with a cure, even though we both know that one does not exist.  I know that phone calls and e-mails help, that reading words from someone who cares make you feel less alone.  
I hope they know that this is true. I know I love them as if they were my sisters (a couple are), even if it has been too long since we stayed up too late laughing until we cried.  Even if time has given us creases.  Even if distance has given us a delay.  I hope they know, I know.
Old times, some of the best times...

Friday, November 6, 2009

Friendly neighbor...

After a night of listening to the rain fall I woke to a sunny morning, and thank you daylight savings, it was an early sunny morning.
My neighbor was up early as well, he or she I can never tell, had just caught breakfast and decided to not share with the nest.

Happy Friday, may a weekend of goodies await.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Boot love...

I found a boot, I saved the picture, probably until I had saved enough cash to make it mine, now I have NO idea how to find my crush.

Anyone know whose lovely eye designed this baby?Maybe someday...


Monday, November 2, 2009

Day Late or so...

Happy Halloween! A few short hours of sun and breezy calm allowed for some fun on Halloween night. We enjoyed a quiet evening. My little lamb was sleepy and not very happy about being dressed up, so a quick photo shoot and then off to bed.

Dressing up an unwilling child had me thinking about future Halloweens when she makes costume choices that baffle my mind and are too mature for her little soul, I will look back to the sweet innocent little lamb and laugh at how times change.