Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A Little Sisterly Love

My sister visited this weekend. After the life altering events of last week I was really feeling blue until she arrived. I tried boosting my spirits with my amazing self held self help pep talks, however they did not raise my mood and led me to question whether talking to yourself in the car on the way to a job which you no longer work was actually a) safe, as I drive over a 7 mile bridge and b) a sign that possibly I should be talking to someone else.
Back to my sister, Ann brought some light on the subject and my mood, we laughed, laid by the pool and played cards. I miss her already. I wish my sister Erin could have joined us, but alas we will all be together in 2 weeks and I am counting the days.
I am truly doing some major soul searching, looking to what drives me, and what makes me happy. I am going to focus inward to find the answers and hopefully a recipe for happiness.

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Leah said...

Love this picture! You will find a recipe and it will be exquisite!