Thursday, June 12, 2008

Goodbye Old Life...

It's done. I quit...or wait was I fired? The comment "we should part ways" was used by my boss, so which is it, the chicken or the egg. I mean we should part ways but don't leave just yet, I need your help, you can stay until you find something else (yeah likely). So I guess technically I am still employed by Mr. Passive Agressive. Whatever.

Getting ready to post about new doors and all that other shit you think and say to people who get fired, I mean quit. There is really no comfort mind you, but I am preparing to take the turn off of the easy ramp and onto the highway of the unknown, with all the crazy's just like me. Scary.

I am getting over the anger of how it "went down" but my husband is right it is for the best.

So I guess...uhhh...hello world, it's me Shannon I'm available...who wants to hire me.


1 comment:

Leah said...

I love your "craziness"... watch out highway(or should I say other drivers)... i've been on it with her before!