Thursday, June 19, 2008

My Security Blanket

When I was younger I had a yellow waffle knit blanket that had possibly a brown bunny and maybe green frog printed on the fabric? Was this my security blanket? I don't know, I do know that it is the only blanket that is in the treasure troves of my "keep box" sitting high upon my bedroom shelf at my parent’s house. I keep thinking that if I had a security blanket today would I use it? Would it bring me the same comfort from bedroom monsters? I have been thinking and wondering, do we actually possess a pseudo security in our grown lives? In that thought I have been racking my brain that if I did have a security...something, what would it be? Do I carry it with me often and just not associate the fact that I have it with me as keeping me secure. If so, what in our adult lives do we need security from, not monsters and if we do not need protection the question is then is a security something more of a habit?

So after thinking of what is on my person the most, I have come up with...drum roll jean jacket. I noticed it with me in the picture in my previous post, I notice it either on, in my purse or draped over my arm in many pictures. I love my jean jacket, even with it’s' holes and tears from my abnormally pointy, bony elbows. I trust that it will keep me warm on cool days as well as in air conditioned rooms and that it will shield the rain from my hair so as to prevent a day of frizz. I love my denim jacket with the pink stitching (replacing the kaki stitched look alike that had to be put down due to elbow holes too big to hide) I never leave home with out it, I trust that it will fulfill its purpose and darn it, I look good... So I rely on my jean jacket to get me through cool nights, cool days, whether happy or sad, dress up or dress down...(with the exception of jeans, I have never been a fan of the denim suit) I have security in my jacket. What is your security/habit/freaky weird personal possession?
*** That's right my friends, she was there that day too! Just for the after party, it was October!


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Leah said...

My wedding band... no matter how happy, sad, blah, freightened, lost, quirky, goofy, bitchy, etc. etc. etc. I feel, I can look down at my wedding band and know that my husband loves me unconditionally through the thick and the thin. He is my comfort, my shelter, my security from day to day life. Without him I am incomplete!