Monday, January 4, 2010

Good New Year

2010. Hello. It is surreal that the year has passed so quickly and that my life has changed so very much. I have become a completely different person, thanks to the angel who entered my world 9 months ago exactly to the date of this new year. My house evolved into a home. My marriage into a true or truer partnership. My heart into an abyss of every emotion I can't explain, only feel. This passed year I became a mother. I pray for the ability to make 2010 the best. I was going to post my list of this years what to do's, but I think I will leave that list for next December 31st, and list my what did's, it will make a much better list! Hope the New Year was grand for you all!!!!

AG on her rockin' jet ski Papa made for her!!!!


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