Thursday, December 10, 2009

My girl and her many faces.

My girl is SO expressive, I fear the many faces of my Avery Grace will lend a hand to an early age of eye rolling and looks to her daddy that will lead to getting whatever. she. wants.

Sometimes I feel that my heart is literally braking...yes...braking, stopping the flow so I can absorb the moments to remember. She is my favorite smell, my favorite color, my favorite place to be. Matt always says, "she is going to break my heart", and having already been a teenage girl, I know this is true, sass is a gift from her mother and she will indeed leave him there in a crumpled heap should her way not be gotten.

The holidays are upon us and if Avery Grace could get her hands on those ornaments and sparkly lights it would be all over. I love getting in the mood for Christmas and the excitement of a growing babe only makes the holidays that much more fun from here on out!


1 comment:

karey m. said...

ugh! this one killed me! she looks SO MUCH like your husband, right?!

that little pic up in the corner, from what i can see...

and braking your heart. genius way to put it. she will, i bet. daily. if not hourly.

well done, this one. xoxo.