Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I am trying to find the right words for this post.  For the past...let's say 5 months I have been uneasy, about my house, my marriage,  my existence.  I have questioned where I actually belong, where my so called "station" in life is grounded.  I fear losing "it", whatever "it" may be, I guess I have always questioned trust, and honesty.  BUT today, I believe that I trusted that I would hear that my daughter's 6 month check up would be nothing but "she is perfect"  "Moving right along".  The Doctor's apprehension could have been A LOT worse, I know, the what if's are a lot easier to look at than the what are's,  nevertheless, I am thinking about both.   My girl needs evaluating, she needs assessment, she is my perfect girl, but something is not allowing her to be that to everyone else.   She will be, I don't doubt it, she is amazing and strong, and even as imperfect, she is amazingly perfect.


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karey m. said...

wait what WHAT?!

she's ok, yes? without knowing, i mean...the first few years are such a day-to-day drama...

eesh. hope things are well.