Friday, September 18, 2009


What if tomorrow were your last day?  What if i were to leave this world, would the people I love the very most know how I what they meant to me?  Have I done enough to show those who touch my life everyday how I feel about them?  In today's society I think we have so much technology, so much wiring that the word touch seems almost a violation of ones space.  I think back to receiving letters in the mail, ones from my great grandparents or my grandparents (ones I still have today) but those letters touched me, made me sit and read and think.  That trip from the mailbox to the house was so great I could not wait to rip open the envelope.  Don't get me wrong I love that I can send a letter to my parents with a push of a button and they can respond in seconds with questions or comments.  But the actual paper in your hands with smudges of pen and the sometimes strain to figure out my Memaw's handwriting, that was touching.  I write letters to my daughter, I place them sealed in her baby book, for her to find one day and read my thoughts of how she touches my life everyday.  I hope she keeps them and knows that her touch is the best gift I have been given.  


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