Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sailing...takes me away to where I'm going...

I just returned from a loooong weekend in Florida, a friends baby shower allowed some time away from the norm for Matt, Avery Grace and I.   Some time in the sun, a dip of my toes in the warm ocean and some solid reflection of  days passed.  
I lived in Florida for almost 2 years, a lucrative corporate purchase landed me in the sunshine state, and allowed me to meet some amazing people, all the while hating the job and pondering my place in life.  The thought of that free spirit crept into my brain the entire trip.  I had no worries.  I was in all accounts a kid right out of college and living my life like I wanted. For me.  I could do no wrong.  Until I realized that I had already been the kid out of college, I had already lived "that" life.  Florida allowed me to want more, allowed me to think long and hard about the path my life was taking.  I appreciate the opportunity it afforded me, in the life department,  the career department was a bust, but I have more now than I could have ever achieved trying to climb a ladder.   I have my amazing little family, I have a beautiful house and the ability to think freely.  I miss my friends like CRAZY!  Calling the girls for last minute happy hour OR dinner at the house was a gift.  I treasure my memories.  I look forward to visits and more memories, and I thank the state of beaches, blue hairs and big fake boobs for the friends and gifts it has given me.

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