Friday, February 27, 2009

Still Kicking...

Time flies when you are having fun, or anxiously waiting and getting bigger by the minute! I am about 20 days away from my due date and truly hoping that this little girl is excited about getting out and not a procrastinator (as her mother tends to be!). She is "in the position" and ready to go so I am thinking in the next 2 weeks we will get to see her beautiful face!
This is me at 37 weeks...whew...I AM READY!

Funny how this side shot makes me look so much smaller than I acutally am or at least feel. I will try to be more diligent about posting, I have just been swamped with working and getting her room ready, which is turning out better than I even expected!

Have a great weekend! ~S

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~Amanda~ said...

Look at you!! You look adorable (or at least you rtummy does!) I can't wait to meet that little darlin'! I want to see pics of her room. Sounds like you are feeling more prepared. Good. You will be a great mommy. Love ya. -Amanda